About Rapha Valley

Rapha Valley is more than an organic vegetable farm; it is a wellness place with a rustic feel of nature. It isn’t just a mere tourist destination. You look forward to the experience, the adventure!

The place is vegetarian-haven, all natural, organic and definitely good for your health!

An hour and a half from the capital city of Negros Occidental, found in the few virgin lands of Don Salvador Benedicto, the farm is owned by the Jo family under the direction of Dr. Albert Jo. From a vision of a healthy lifestyle, living peacefully in the mountains to a strong conviction of educating the people about wellness, these are the motivation of Dr. Jo and the inspiration to create Rapha Vallley.

Getting there is a real off-road experience. And as you enter the arc you are greeted with waiters, amusingly in shorts and aprons. The welcoming area as Dr. Jo calls it, reminds of a Snow White and Seven Dwarves kind of setting, a few small square tables in white with a flowers and cartoon-like colored chairs. First thing you’ll notice is the cold windy weather and fresh air. If you’re lucky you get to experience fog in the morning that’s adds romance and makes the place more enchanting to behold.

Welcoming area, indeed as they all greet a hearty welcome, and offer refreshments of Carrot Juice with Guyabano or Lanka (“Jackfruit). Ice-cold towels in the freezing weather? Yes. They intriguingly offer frozen towels cured with citronella to the arriving guests. It serves to be refreshing after the long drive and to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

Sit and relax as they offer welcoming snacks of Black Puto (“Black Rice Cakes”) in two dips. Yes Black. Ever heard of Black Rice? It is a much healthier substitute for the common White Rice. The dips were a choice of their version of meatless, bloodless Dinuguan and the other a cheese dip made of Rosemary and Cashew.