Bacolod and Beyond


About 75 minutes away from Bacolod city are the hills of Don Salvador Benedicto where sits Rapha Valley. Rapha Valley is an organic farm with an organic café with a vegetarian menu, bed and breakfast with a beautiful view of Mt.Kanlaon.

Did you know that Rapha in Hebrew is actually a verb that means “to heal”? This is why many call God as Jehovah Rapha, as in God the Healer. :) The place is actually named as such because of Doc Albert’s testimony about his own health challenges 15 years ago that is now completely cured because of a changed lifestyle. Mainly, his philosophy is that the Lord had given us healing agents in all that He had provided – like plants and flowers and fruits, for our food!

What makes it worth the road trip for me are 1) the evident naturalness of everything- from the environment, to the food, everything just felt clean and fresh, 2) the new things to learn that come with the conversations one will have with the owners of the place; they talk about the reasons behind the whole project, the correlated factors in our food and health problems today, and alternatives that we can breed in our own backyards.

Owner and Founder Doc Albert is also a frustrated chef so he married that hang-up with his own journey to wellness and came up with nutritious, even healing, but STILL delicious food!

Because I am a vegetarian, it was such a feast to go through all of these without even having to think twice or thrice because none of them had any meat or even meat stock or seafood-laden condiments!

Top of mind, some things I learned:

  1.  Eat the seeds- they have the energy of the plant or fruit.
  2.  Flowers are meant to be eaten. This the salad with petals on it.
  3.  Cucumber is a great wake-me-up-drink.
  4.  Doc Albert’s Vegetarian Adobo won in a contest that involves all of Negros! (So order that when you are there!!!)
  5. More to learn, If you really are trying to look for something new, as well as so now, Rapha Valley is the place to be.

The Pink House is called so because of its Pink Paint for its exterior.

Asked my friends from Bacolod why I don’t seem to see a Calea franchise or Felicia, when they are so loved even by the Manilenos. Answer? Bacolod locals are so proud of their own that they’d rather you go out to see them than they branch out to meet you. In short, there is no other way to taste and experience Bacolod and its neighboring towns unless you go and visit yourself. And that’s not a bad idea if you ask me. :) Happy Monday to you all!