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Rapha Valley, your health and wellness destiny

Step back to nature and wellness country in Rapha Valley. Located amidst the unspoiled (well, almost) verdant highlands of Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) in Philippine’s southern province of Negros Occidental, but for some spatter of garish, contrasting houses, visit this organic farm and return home a health and fitness buff! After a few hours of organic plants & garden orientation, wholesome food talk and tasting with no less than its owners, medical doctor-turned-organic chef health guru, Dr. Albert Jo and wife Marilou (a Pharmacy Degree holder herself) regaling you with stories on toxic, GMO filled crappy cooking, you will swear off all processed and artificially enhanced supermarket and fast food!

Rapha Valley Healthy Cuisine

Getting there.It is a smooth, well-paved countryside, 75-minute drive from Bacolod City up to Barangay Kaliskis, DSB Highway. A few meters past KM 48, you have to turn to an “off-road” drive (about two kilometers) as organic farms should be located away from the main road. Then after some almost interminable minutes wondering if you’ll ever get there, you reach the gate to paradise on this part of the planet!

Organic Detox Recipe

Organic Detox Recipe from Dr. Albert Jo of Negros Occidental when we visited his organic farm (post on Guiltless Getaways soon) that I tried out:
1L water
20 calamansi (organic can be bought at Healthy Options, they carry Costales Nature Farms)
2 tbsp. blackstrap molasses (organic, bought at Healthy Options)
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper (organic, bought at Healthy Options)

I drank 4L of this a day x 4 days. I didn't eat or drink anything else.

Lessons, Realizations and Notes to Self: