Your Destiny to Wellness.

Founder Dr. Albert Jo

Founder Dr. Albert Jo

The Goal of our farm is not only to be sustainable but to be a place where the young generation can be taught to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle as early as possible through experiencing firsthand how organic food is produced and by showing them that healthy can be delicious.

How Rapha Valley Came to be?

Rapha Valley Place of Wellness is a product of 15 years of teaching on health & wellness all over the country to NGO's, Banks, Schools & Government agencies & invitations Abroad. People always ask for a place where they could experience what I'm teaching.

Why Don Salvador Benedicto?

We chose Don Salvador Benedicto as the location for Rapha Valley because of the fresh air and the untouched soil which was ideal for organic farming. Out of the 2.5 hectares of the land of Rapha Valley only 8,000 square meter is used as organic farm land. This area has never been planted with any crops especially sugarcane like most of the land areas of Negros. We were the first to plow and made the rolling hills of the valley into terraces. We conditioned the soild by green manuring- planting monggo beans and plowing the soil again when the monggo flowers to make use of the high nitrogen content of the monggo during this time.

Our Practices

At Rapha Valley, we live up to what I teach in my lectures that vegetables and herbs should be free from any pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer. This is to adhere to my advocacy following the motto of the first Doctor Hippocrates who said: “Let your Food be your medicine”

Our water source is pumped-in from a spring 1.5 kilometer away through a ramp-pump. Why you ask? It’s because spring water is alkaline. This water is then processed in a ”Kangen Machine” for Ionization.

Our way of land preparation for our vegetable & herbed plots we excavate 24 inches because the first 12 inches that we placed on the right side of the bed will the placed on the bottom & what we have excavated will be our top spoil for aeration so that we can eliminate most of the un-aerobic bacterias which are harmful to our gastrointestinal system.

We made ponds to grow catfish and this is where we draw some of our water for our plants to get nourishment. We also make fermented fruits & vegetables, to address the need of each vegetables and herbs for additional supplements. 

Our produce right now is solely for the consumption within Rahpa Valley. It’s for our guests who want to experience not only healthy but good tasting food.

As the president now of the Negros Island Certification Board for Organic Agriculture (NICERT) the more now that I'm challenge  to improve the organic farming techniques in our farm. 

As of now, we are planting all kinds of greens especially ones with medicinal values which we incorporate in our salads and dishes.

Our Kitchen practices No oil in sautéing & cooking because research has shown that anything fried results into “Acrylamide” a substance that produce Cancer. Instead we add the oil at the end together with our freshly ground garlic. We don’t cook our garlic so as not to destroy its antibiotic substance Allicin.