• Welcome drinks and snacks at the Bahay Kubo

  • Tour the farm with Dr. Albert Jo himself

  • Taste and learn about the different vegetables and herbs grown in the farm

  • See and experience first-hand how organic farming is done

  • Relax and enjoy a lunch buffet at the Tent

  • End your meal with a cup of tea made from freshly picked herbs from the garden

What’s included in the Farm Tour?

  • Entrance fee

  • Welcome food and drinks

  • Lunch buffet

Tips for the tour

  1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Remember our farm is a valley and for your comfort and safety we strongly suggest wearing shoes that are comfortable for walking.

  2. Apply some sunscreen or your favorite hat. The cool breeze in Don Salvador can mask the heat of the sun so to avoid sunburn it’s best to have some protection.

  3. Don’t be scared when Dr. Jo hand you a piece of an herb or vegetable for you to taste. Rest assured we do not use any animal manure as fertilizer so it’s safe to take a bite.

  4. For a hassle free trip from Bacolod to Don Salvador, let us know and we can book your transporation in advance.

  5. Turn your phone on silent and just enjoy the day in the mountains.

Cancellation Policy

We require a downpayment prior to the day of the tour. Should you want to cancel, please inform us at least two days before to rebook your reservation. Failure to do so results to forfeiture of the downpayment.