It has very good facilities for learning wellness, and the place has wonderful view of the hills and mountains.
— Eli Gatanela

Johana & Shan Tseng Health with Aljec Candelesa. Guests From Bali, Indonesia

Thank you so much! We have had such a refreshing and relaxing experience. We love the rooms and the environment is so beautiful and the food was so different and we loved it!
— David & Helen Bates
Gorgette Cruz & Family

Gorgette Cruz & Family

This is a lovely place. From the moment you step in, you will be welcomed warmly. The food is sumptious, the drinks are refreshing. Doc Albert was with us the whole time during the meals. Also, the room is lovely, spacious and clean and oh, how i wish to return for another weekend!
Thank you. More power. I will surely recommend this place.
— Cheryl Decena ( Provincial Tourism Office)
The Lord loves gardens.. Eden, Gethsemane.. And Rapha Valley.. A great place to unwind, and to refuel.
— Rey Calusay
Governor Alfredo Marañon & Family

Governor Alfredo Marañon & Family

A place where you can enjoy God’s beautiful creation and d’ best healthy organic food.
— Alex Rivas